Melissa Robinet Registered Massage Therapist
Melissa Robinet Registered Massage Therapist

Dr. Cohen’s AcuPads


  • set of 2 allowing you to place one under your neck and another under your low back at the same time creating impressive relief and relaxation
  • great for sitting on – one under each buttock notably improves sitting posture and helps relieve sciatic symptoms
  • wonderful in bed as a relaxation tool promoting sleep; feels fantastic and makes your hot water bottle or heating pad obsolete
  • promote relaxation: place acuPads where needed & relax for at least 3 minutes (some people spend hours!) letting the weight of your body do the work. No effort is required
  • relieve sore feet: stand on your acuPads using them at room temperature – this makes them much harder – some people prefer this harder sensation for releasing tight feet. Others love the softer feel that happens when you heat your acuPads
  • light Spinal Release: while lying down in bed or on a carpet or yoga mat place one acuPad under your neck and the other under your low back or mid back. Center the Spine Align Belt anywhere throughout your spine. The combination of using two acuPads together relaxes your nervous system allowing your spine to release. Relax for a full 3 minutes in each spot but feel free to spend as long as you need
  • period Pain Relief: lying on your front place both heated acuPads underneath your pelvis and stomach areas adjusting as needed. Relax and deep breathe letting the soothing heat sensation penetrate and relax the area
  • heat in microwave for 2 mins creates an impressive 2 hours of heat.
    (Both acuPads maybe heated together for 3.5 minutes in microwave)