Melissa Robinet Registered Massage Therapist
Melissa Robinet Registered Massage Therapist

Dr. Cohen’s AcuBall


  • direct pressure from the acupoints increase blood flow, flush out toxins relax tight muscles and mobilize joints
  • smaller acupoints in the bottom zone are good for doing lighter work like releasing tight muscles in your scalp, face and temples
  • the larger acupoints are for deeper work like loosening larger muscles in your neck, legs, hips and low back
  • acupoints stimulate your central nervous system; similar to that of acupuncture; causing a natural release of pain, promote relaxation and enhance mood
  • the Spine Align Belt, a precision moulded groove running around the middle of the acuBall, allows you to lie directly on the acuBall – opening and loosening your spine one vertebra at a time
  • heat in microwave for 50 – 60 seconds or place in boiling water for 12 mins to get over 60 mins of heat relief
  • Recommended by Dr. Oz as a “must have for back and neck pain”