Melissa Robinet Registered Massage Therapist
Melissa Robinet Registered Massage Therapist

Dr. Cohen’s AcuBack


  • acupoints (lighter & deeper penetration) at both sides of the Spine Align Belt give an acupressure treatment to the important postural muscles running along both sides of your spine (the erector spinae muscles), allowing them to open and relax
  • improved Central Nervous system flow
  • precision nibs penetrate areas of built up muscle waste; they separate tight muscle fibers and stimulate blood flow flushing out accumulated waste
  • pain decreases & muscle flexibility and strength are restored 100% naturally
  • good for areas such a neck, back and legs
  • postural aid: significantly reduces strain on the spinal discs & joints and muscles as well as decreasing organ compression
  • heat in microwave for 75 seconds or place in boiling water for 12 mins to get over 75 mins of heat relief